10 Space savers for small home ideas

Persian Rugs and Carpet

Persian rugs and carpet are the world’s “gold standard” of rug making, copied by other countries, but not equaled. They are durable art for the floor. Persian Rugs are made through a procedure called weaving.

Green Blinds and Window Coverings

The business of eco-friendly products is booming amongst cries of global warming and man made disasters. Many of these “green” products are not much different than their supposed planet killing counterparts, but in the world of blinds there are some real differences you can make. Blinds and window shades can be environmentally friendly in one of two ways.

Decorating the Office With Blinds

When decorating an office you have different objectives than when decorating a home. Home design can be more artistic because you really only have to please yourself. Office design still has room to be creative, but you will want to fulfill some professional obligations in the interior design. Office window blinds should be professional, attractive and be conducive to business.

Perfect Brown Rugs Fit Any Space

Need to add warmth and energy to your room? Look no further than brown rugs and learn here how to use them to create a stylish room.

Some Accessories to Improve the Beauty of Victorian Home Decor

If you like to decorate your home beautifully in its every single detail, Victorian home decoration will be a perfect idea. Detail is an important thing in this certain style of home decoration.

Desks Establishing Better Work and Study Habits

Hey there! Have you experienced losing your papers, documents, copies and even your school and office supplies in the middle of your busy study or work schedule?

Customize Your Dreamscape With A Daybed

A Daybed is a new style of furniture serving a variety of functions. They are perfect for any room in the house and always can be used as an emergency extra bed for any unexpected overnight visitor.

Setting Up a Home Bar? Consider the Height of Bar Chairs

While setting up a home bar, there are too many things to take into account. First of all you will focus on your budget for his task.

Tips to Install Closet Doors

To begin with, you must measure the existing closet door. You may have closet bifold doors that are easy to replace or install. You can also purchase mirrored closet doors that add beauty and make the room look bigger.

Summertime Interior Designs For the School Rooms

As summer time is about to start, it is also the time of the year to put ourselves back into focus and start anew. This is a time where promises are worth sharing and hopes worth remembering. During spring time, we can start by redesigning our personal spaces. You can bring the liveliness of spring time from home to your school.

Hanging Artwork – How to Hang Artwork Properly

A good rule of thumb is the centre of the pictures should be around 60″ to 66″ above the floor. If you have a group of pictures, imagine them as one big picture. Remember to make artwork proportional to what is around it. Most people don’t hang TV’s properly for viewing.

Simple Tips For Minor Repairs Before You Wallpaper

No matter what you call it, you can still fix it the same way. Your plasterboard/drywalls can be damaged by children, animals, doorknobs etc. You shouldn’t ignore that damage and in just a few easy steps you are going to learn how to repair the kind of damage you would get from nail and screw holes, like you get from picture hooks, small dents and /or surface paper tears.

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