100+ Modern Bathroom Shower Niche Ideas 2022 | Recessed Wall Shelf Designs For Perfect Bathroom

Understanding the Light Bulb Choices

Need a light? Trying to decide what type of light bulb will work for your lighting needs can be difficult. Here are some basic descriptions of some of today’s lighting choices.

The Versatility of Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants offer a practical, functional addition to your home or business. Residential and commercial uses include: Area rugs – highlights a segment of a room, providing distinctive design enhancements. The rug focuses the eye, presenting a unifying theme to what might otherwise be a scattering of furniture.

Bedding Fabrics Get Some Special Finishes That Will Shock You

In this article, you are going to learn about some bedding treatments that typically make the bed a little better, but they also have their dark side too. If you’re looking for a better sleep then this article will help you understand the trade offs involved.

Sky Light Control

Skylights always seem like a great idea when you are talking with the architect about designing your home. That is until you are in the room and realize you can’t stop all that natural light from streaming in. Of course the simple solution is to install skylight shades. These control the natural light from your skylights and make the whole concept of the skylight remarkably sensible again.

Turn Your Kids Bathroom Into A Fun Area

Designing a bathroom for your child can be hard – but a ton of fun! Learn what things you can do and how I designed one for my daughter!

What Are Blinds Really?

Not all window dressings are blinds. Neither are all shades. The big difference between window shades and window blinds are the presence of slats. Blinds have slats which are tilt-able and retractable. Shades are made of cloth or other material that comes in a single solid piece. That means that when window shads, for example cellular or roller shades are lowered they block out light and when raised do not. There is no middle ground. Slats on window blinds are also called vanes or louvers.

Window Blinds at the Beach House

For most the beach is that special place where we can relax a few weeks out of the year. For those special few who already live at the beach, this article can still help you decorate your home to get the most out of it, whether your goal is to remind you of where you are and let in as much beach air as possible, or you want to make your home more private. The beach is about the view. About the sun and the smell of the ocean. So you want some light control shades that will open to let it all in when you want to.

Marina Homes – Interior Design

Designing and decorating your new marina apartment can be exciting, thrilling, and exhausting, this allows you to truly put the stamp of your personality onto your house. Keep in mind, that a home interior design is not one discipline unto itself. Rather, it involves a whole host of skills, talents and procedures, including the selection and arrangement of furniture and color schemes and floor elevations, and the placement of walls and dividers, flowers and plants.

Granite Sinks

When it comes to kitchen sinks, this is what every home owner like you should know. One of the best options out there when it comes to kitchen sinks are granite sinks. These are very good looking and durable sinks that comes from nature and manufactured to provide us a sink that would last for a long time. If you want to know more about that, this article would explain a lot to you. Things like the different characteristics that makes a granite sink desirable and of course, how to maintain and clean it. This would really get you a head start on granite sink and you would totally avoid the hassle of looking for the information elsewhere.

5 Affordable Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

There are many types of windows, that is the reason why there are many treatments for each type of window. The architectures may vary from one house style to another, the window construction may even vary from one room of your home to another. Here are 5 ideas on how to do some treatment for your windows.

5 Fun and Easy Ideas for Kids Window Treatments

Window treatments adds character to the room. Treatments for a child’s window may require a different thought process than treating your living room or family room. Here are 5 ideas on how to tie together all the design elements for your child’s room.

5 Ideas for Beautiful Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors carry a special appeal to many people. It is very functional and works wonders for rooms with limited floor space. It has Zen like appeal because of its simplicity. Sliding doors gives the illusion that the outside area is actually connected to the interior of the room, it is this continuity that contributes to the appeal of sliding doors.

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