How to Decorate in French Country Style | A Country Sampler Design Tutorial

Tips for Picking the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

There’s little doubt that the right chandelier can turn a bland dining room into a style statement, and that’s one of the reasons many people choose to invest in one as the central piece of their dining area. However, browsing through catalogues and lighting showrooms to find the right one can be challenging, as sometimes it’s difficult to imagine such a statement piece on your home. Keep reading the following tips for picking the perfect chandelier for your dining room, big or small, no matter your home decoration style.

Apartment Interior Design Tips For Single Men

When it comes to apartment interior design tips for single men, use these 3 simple design ideas to take the guess work out of creating the living space you like to live in. They’re easy!

Oriental Rugs: Getting Them Repaired

What can be done about the wear and tear that occurs on an Oriental or other natural fiber area rug? Can you fix it yourself? It not, who should you hire to fix them? This article answers these questions.

Putting Curtains Over Yours Doors To Reduce Draughts

Keeping warm over the winter can often be a struggle, especially when you’re attempting to save money on rising energy bills! People are turning to more cost effective ways such as adding in soft furnishings that are likely to reduce draughts like net curtains and door curtains to help with their battle against the cold. Another great way to keep warm is by sitting under a blanket on cooler nights instead of popping on the central heating.

How Roman Shades Are Fit for Homes

For home or office, roman shades are perfect for all environments. You should go for these amazing blinds when you plan for new window treatments. Available in inexpensive costs, these shades make perfect choice for all types of rooms.

The Best Drapery for Your Windows Are Roman Shades

Given below is a guide for buying the roman shades. Surprise your guests with the new look of the windows.

Make Roman Shades at Home

Roman shades happen to be stylish, elegant, yet inexpensive way of adorning homes. The best part about the roman shades is, you can make them at home by following few simple guidelines.

The Rich Historical Background of Mirrors

A mirror is often a centrepiece of interior decorating, containing both functional and aesthetic benefits. The strategic place of mirrors can add depth and fill a room with light. A decorative mirror adds a stylish and antique element to any room, bringing a touch of personality to an otherwise plain room. The story of mirrors has a rich history up to this point in time.

Open Vs Closed Storage

As George Carlin once said, we all need a place for our stuff. I could not agree more with that statement, but it is how we store that stuff that makes a difference in everyday life. For some it is important to have everything out in the open and within easy reach, while others prefer clean lines and uncomplicated views. Both attitudes are equally “in fashion”, so to speak; it is just a matter of choice.

French Kitchen Tips for Small Spaces

You don’t have to have a huge space in order to transform it into a lovely French kitchen. Even if you are working with a kitchen in a small apartment or other cramped quarters, the tips below can help you turn that space in a lovely kitchen that you will enjoy spending time in. Rustic Charm Rustic charm is one term that may be used to describe a French country kitchen.

Tips on How To Decorate Your Apartment

Living on your own could be a lot of fun. You get to enjoy your independence and you will be able to arrange your apartment space based on your own choices and preferences. However, some people may have a hard time dealing with this part of arranging the apartment from scratch.

Popular Iron Spiral Staircase Designs

Choosing an iron spiral staircase for your home has numerous benefits. One is the strength that iron provides. Another is its ability to be easily bent and shaped into a variety shapes and configurations. Discover some of today’s most popular iron spiral staircase styles.

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