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Touch Lamps

Touch lamps are a special design of lamps that are made to go on or off whenever they have been touched. These lamps are more or less sensitive to human touch, unlike the conventional designs that you have to flip on or off. While the traditional mechanical designs have been around for quite a number of years, the new designs are fast replacing them in the society, and this is so for a number of reasons.

Water Fountains – Why People Love Them

Looking for a focal point in your living room? Try an indoor fountain that will not only accentuate your room, but can act as a de-stressor, to your tired mind and body when you come home from work. Fountains can also be used to cut the outdoor noise, that has been bothering you!

Why Choose Mahogany?

Mahogany has been one of the wood types used in the production process of some of the finest and most expensive furniture items ever. If you are not sure that my statement is correct, all you have to do is a quick search on the Internet regarding some mahogany antique furniture, and you will be amazed at the beauty of this furniture type. This is the article where we talk about the advantages of mahogany as a material to have incorporated in your house hold, and why you should go for it.

Area Rugs and How They Can Compliment a Room’s Interior Design

Area rugs can bring warmth, coziness and also compliment any room’s decor. Whether you have modern furniture, colonial style furniture or whatever your taste is, there are area rugs made to fit any interior design. A good quality rug can last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. Why are these area rugs so popular?

Basic Children’s Bedroom Furniture Your Kids Need

Different people do have different needs. This adage doesn’t only apply to adults but to your kids as well. The bedroom of one of your kids will look differently from another. It’s quite obvious that children have varying personalities. But, despite these differences, when it comes to children’s bedroom furniture there are still basic pieces that your kids will need and should be present in each room.

TV Corner Cabinets – The Ideal Solution To Low Space

As houses get smaller and we each gather more, inexpensive tech, it’s important to have proper storage for your important or more expensive belongings. TV’s fall into the category of really expensive or as expensive as your budget allows, but still need a special storage place to be adequately used. As space becomes limited though, cabinets or other dedicated tables may be impractical.

Piero Fornasetti: Timeless, Accessible Art

When we think of “art,” we often think of something so sublime, so extraordinary, that we can see it only in museums, and appreciate it only if we are fortunate enough to possess special, rare sensibilities-like our overachieving, patronizing cousin Sheldon, or our freshman year art history professor who looked like she rather be painting, or sculpting-or doing anything other than drilling into our philistine heads the wonders of Botticelli. Not for us Picasso in his blue phase-put the department store print over the mantel and change the channel. Got any more taco chips?

Decorating Ideas for Your Teenager’s Room

While it may seem that your teenager is from a different world, it will pass – eventually. In the meantime, the best that you can hope for is that you survive this metamorphosis into adulthood. When your teen comes to you and says they want to redecorate your room, you might as well prepare yourself. It is pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be bugged about it until it happens. Here are some ideas to make this massive redecorating project a success.

The Tween Girl and Decorating

There seems to be a time in every girl’s life when they want to redecorate their bedroom. It would be one thing if this came around once but it seems to roll around every few years. The hardest time is the period in their life when they’ve started to outgrow the little kid stuff but they still aren’t quite into teenager stuff – the tween years.

Glass TV Stands – Elegance Typified

Some of the most elegant and eye catching stands for TV’s are glass stands. They are often modern and eye catching in design and made of tempered, reinforced glass that allows them to support the weight of your TV along with other items. Some are fully made of glass, while others are just have elements made of glass – whether shelves or other parts of the product.

Spread the Holiday Cheers With Christmas Wreaths

The history of what we know today as holiday wreaths dates back to the early Persian Empire, when they were used to signify strength and domination. It was then adapted by the Christian community as a token to commemorate Christ’s sacrifice to save humanity.

Piero Fornasetti: Uncommon, Unexpected

We’re often told to look for the beauty everywhere around us, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary but, well, sometimes we all need a little help. And when we can’t find the wonder in the solely functional, we need an artist who can put it there-an artist like Piero Fornasetti. Born in Milan on November 10, 1913, Piero Fornasetti knew early on that he wanted to be an artist.

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