TOP 5 DECORATING TIPS // How to make your home look like it was designed by a PRO!

Use Custom Wall Decals to Decorate Your Classroom

When you need a creative way to decorate your classroom, consider using custom wall decals. Vinyl decals can be quickly changed and they are a fun way to brighten up your classroom and make it a fun place for your students.

Tips for Hanging a Wall Decal

If you want to use a vinyl wall decal in your space, it might be a little challenging to figure out where to put it or how to hang it. Here are some tips for hanging a wall decal to walk you through the process.

Decorating Is Easy When You Use a Wall Decal

The simplest way to give your room a new look is by using a wall decal. Vinyl decals are easy to apply and effortless to remove if you ever want to change the look of your home.

Why Schools Decorate With Wall Decals

Schools are often strapped for extra money to brighten up the hallways or make their classrooms more visually pleasing. Wall decals are an expensive option that many schools are choosing to decorate the classrooms and hallways.

Tips for Selecting the Best Kids Wall Decals

Decorating your child’s room has never been easier. Using kids wall decals, you can transform their bedroom into a fun space where they enjoy playing and spending time.

Comparing Vintage Picture Frames With Antique Picture Frames

To compare vintage picture frames with antique picture frames is like comparing a 1970’s Pop music with Classical music. One’s all over the place and the other is ripe with tradition and history. For the sake of comparison, 1970’s Pop music will be our vintage picture frames, and classical music will be our antique frames.

Bring Life to a Home With Wall Art

Do you want to take your home from drab to stunning in one simple step? Consider using wall art in interesting ways to infuse color and style into your space.

Bring A Rustic Look To Your Home

It is simple to have a rustic looking home with the use of iron decor. Decorative items such as corbels, iron brackets, iron handles and iron bath accessories bring back a look of a time long ago. Decorative items for the rustic home can be found in a wide selection of designs and various types of iron. Ironwork furniture and accessories can be found for every room in the home to provide a rustic decor look.

Giving Gifts to Clients

As you probably have already noticed… I LIKE to give gifts to my clients. I like to provide not the ‘easy’ gift certificate, but an AMAZING gift for my clients, to say thank you! It’s just one more way to really crystallize in their minds the great ‘experience’ they’ve had from working with you.

Sunflower Fabric Offers Excellent Multipurpose Utilities

Fabrics are in a demand these days. There is no limit to the patterns available in online websites. There are a lot of prints and hundreds of patterns available in each fabric. Some fabrics are liked by a certain group of people, some by another and some by everyone. Sunflower fabric is one among the last category. It suits the tastes and needs of all and also all sewing projects.

Make Your Home Take Care of You, Rescue You, and Love You

What if our homes could care for us? “Perhaps our homes could care for us, come to our rescue, or even love us?” that question was posed by Rachel Armstrong author of Living Architecture and it got me thinking about my design work and homes for seniors in particular. This article discusses how our homes can take care of us. How our homes can take care of our seniors. How our homes can take care of our families.

Reasons to Have Inspirational Wall Quotes in Your Home

Making use of inspirational wall quotes is a great way to share your sentimental side with every guest walking into your house. Make sure you choose quotes that are clever and beautiful, so that people will stop and think for a few moments when they see them. Vinyl wall quotes for instance are very popular in nurseries, so if you have a child and you are thinking about redecorating his or her room, you are strongly suggested to consider getting some wise phrases on the walls.

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