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Decorating a Rental Property: A Guide for Landlords

Thinking of decorating and furnishing a rental property for your tenants? There are a number of factors to consider, such as the type of tenants, the size of the property and deciding what colours and styles are best to choose.

Functional and Stylistic Appeal of Contemporary Floor Lamps

Modern homes are more than just a place to live in. In contemporary times, your personal dwelling place is a space that boasts of a synthesis of functionality and visual allure and is moreover, a distinguishable extension of your personality, stylistic inclinations and designing sensibilities.

Fashion Accessories For The Home

Fashion trends have come a long way and not just on the catwalk. That home needs updates with style, too. There are so many inexpensive ways to enhance every room of the house, from the water closet to the kitchen.

Exploring The History Of Textiles

Textiles have been a part of civilization since the Stone Age. Evidence of this has been found in many archaeology digs. This material is made from felt or spun fibers, which are made into yarn and then processed.

5 Steps to Creating the Home of Your Dreams

Whether your home consists of 2 rooms or 20, your home should make you smile, feel like a big warm hug and be the place for you that you’d rather be than anywhere else! As you go about the process of making your house your home don’t be as concerned with “decorating” in the traditional sense as you are with “creating” a home that reflects your sense of style and is pleasing to you. Above all, fill your home with love, joy, peace, compassion and warmth!

How To Give Your Studio A “Home” Look

Have you ever had unexpected circumstances or just wanted to do something different to your studio? Let me just say, both examples are what caused me to give my studio more of a “home” look and feel.

How To Redecorate Your Home On A Budget

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be super-expensive or time-consuming. With just a few small changes, you can transform your home without breaking the bank.

Casual Elegance, Always in Style

Casual elegance is not about following the rules – it’s about following your heart. Choosing an ornate antique crystal chandelier to illuminate your rustic farm table or your tiny powder room. That’s casual elegance.

Tropical Decor – Kicked Up Beauty With Silk Flowers And Silk Plants

Most people understand the beauty of the tropical plants and colorful flowers much more after being in a tropical setting for a period of time. Vacations that are taken can be wonderful memories to think back on and, of course, when you have taken pictures of any setting within the tropical islands, a warm and very relaxing feeling can be felt from your head to your toes. Adding plants to your interior decor has many advantages and bring back those wonderful vacation memories.

Decorate a Haven Using Boy’s Room Design Ideas

Who says that a room is merely a room? It is our haven. It is probably the most comfortable place we can ever be. Only in our room can we be whom we are without the fear of the critical eyes watching out for any mistake we will possibly commit.

Why You Should Choose Contemporary End Tables

End tables can enhance the look of any room in your house. And while it’s important to match the decor of the room, contemporary end tables will be able to go with just about any style.

Small Coffee Tables And Their Cousins

A round coffee table placed between a sofa set is the perfect solution for adjoining two sides of a room. The right coffee table not only transforms rooms, but also soothes attitudes and breaks down barriers to conversation. The round coffee table has been described as an elegant solution for parties where guests meet for the first time. It’s a psychology thing to be sure.

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